Those Darn Cats Patchie & Teddy

Posted in 1, Uncategorized children on July 2, 2009 by dennisrandall09

My book Patchie & Teddy is written for children , and it is primarily designed to show children how to make friends . Using animal caricatures is a way to get the child’s attention .The story is fun to read , and the pictures are fun to look at as well. Even adaults who have read my book enjoyed the story and pictures…..”There will be a contest for the children” all they have to do is purchess my book and draw one of there favorit pictures and write a little paragraf , at the back of the book you will find blank pages . This is for drawing , have your children draw and write a little something . This is to encourage them . The 1 st prize is $ 300.00 / 2 nd prize is $ 100.00 / and 3 rd prize is $ 50.00 contest end’s december 1 st. 2010 ┬áto find out more go to my web page.